Here at Westernlink Automotive using our two wheel drive Chassis Dyno we can instantly graph your horsepower and torque increases while we tune. We have found that Dynotuning is essential to achieve "the performance you want and the reliability you deserve".

We have had nearly every type of car on our dyno - from 4 cylinder imports to big-block V8 race cars.

According to one of our customers "it would have taken all season to achieve the results you obtained in just a few hours on the dyno... thanks for the great work. I'll be back next year!"

We have found that it is futile to try to tune for maximum horsepower by the "seat of the pants". Differences as large as 20-30 rwhp or more are simply not apparent to most drivers. In addition, testing on the street is dangerous and usually illegal as well.

Trap speeds are a better indication of horsepower but both track and street testing aren't safe for your motor. While anytime you push a motor to the max there is a risk of damage, until you get your combination dialed in testing is much safer on a fully instrumented dyno.

Our dyno tuner has over 10 years of dyno tuning experience and can quickly and effectively tune your vehicle for max power or fuel economy - whichever you are looking for. The key word here is quickly! It takes years of experience to be able to get a car tuned in as little dyno time as possible. You don't want to take your car to a tuner who is going to burn up hours of time on your motor and then charge you for it.

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Dyno FAQ

Why should I dyno tune my car?

Well that's a good question, I mean it runs pretty good from the factory doesn't it..? Yes. Could it be better? Absolutely! Would I notice a difference? Yes. Vehicles from the factory tend to run too rich and that means you're wasting fuel! A motor that's tuned properly will make more power and use the least amount of fuel to do it.

Will dyno tuning hurt my motor?
No. It's no different than driving your car on the street. The whole purpose of a dyno is to simulate road or track conditions as closely as possible.
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