Owner: Bruno
Make: Holden
Model: VK Brock Group 3
Year: 1985
History: Weekend Cruiser
Engine: 355 ci COME Stroker
Mods: Custom c.o.m.e cam, Ported heads, grp-a twin throttles, Flat top pistons
Trans: T-5 Manual
Diff: VL Turbo with 4:11 gears
Exhaust: Pacemakers headers, hi flow cats into single 3 inch system
Wheels: Factory 16 inch Aero's
Tyres: Hankook 225/50/16"
Weight: Stock
Results: 280 rwkw
1/4 Mile: N/A
Thanks: Westernlink Automotive, Rowville exhaust, Raimond, Greg brindly for the photos
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